Welcome to NIHPO's Synthetic Health Data Platform.

NIHPO's Synthetic Health Data Platform generates highly realistic, scientifically-correct and very customized synthetic health data for use in clinical trials.

The synthetic health data includes:

NIHPO-generated synthetic health data helps life sciences companies to reduce the time it takes to design, develop, test, validate, and obtain regulatory approval for new drugs and medical devices.

This work is guided by a close collaboration with executives at pharma companies:

This paper describes the NIHPO Synthetic Health Data Platform in detail:

The platform currently offers 02 functional blocks:

Synth PHR

In this page you can generate a full Synthetic Personal Health Record ("SynthPHR") for individuals based on your exact needs.

You can define:

Once your SynthPHR file is ready you can then proceed to the next step, creating a Synthetic Clinical Trial ("SynthTrial").

Synth Trial

In this page you can generate the output of a synthetic clinical trial.

You can define:

The output files use the CDISC SDTM format.

Source Code

The source code for this platform is available in GitHub under an Open Source license.